Rough Days For Diamond Trade.

"Rough Days for Diamond Trade sound like a poppy Joy Division or Bauhaus... like shiny happy pop song playing at the wrong speed. Nice chrous, too." - Paul Lester, The Guardian

"A plaintive and restrained dose of electro-pop that shifts and shimmers its way through low-lying synths, hand-clap percussion and downbeat vocals." - Gold Flake Paint

"Anywhere is a heady mix of lilting pop vocals, brooding synth melodies and hand clap percussion beats... a treat for your ears and your eyes" - Notion

Rough Days For Diamond Trade is the project of the Copenhagen/Berlin-based musician and filmmaker Frederik Sølberg, a key figure on the Copenhagen indie scene.

His music combines gloomy hooks, shimmering guitars and plaintive pop vocals into a timeless whole. This is the sound of broken hearts on a dancefloor; like dreams marching in time.

The debut EP, "Somehow", comes out in March 18th on Danish indie label LOOKING FORWARD.


Rough Days For Diamond Trade "Anywhere" from LOOKING FORWARD on Vimeo.